T1s High-definition, Plug-and-Play, Ultimate Teaching Video Display Teaching Webcam

Jul. 06, 2023

Whether you are an educator, a corporate trainer, or a content creator, our teaching video display webcam is here to enhance your teaching experience. Packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, our product offers a seamless teaching display experience.

Multi-function Design: Our teaching webcam allows you to choose from 5MP, 8MP, or 13MP resolutions, providing an immersive teaching experience. With its sleek black exterior and flexible adjustable arm design, it is both stylish and convenient to use.

Exceptional Audio Experience: Equipped with an integrated noise-cancelling microphone, our webcam delivers clear and lifelike sound, ensuring your voice is loud, pure, and free from interference. The built-in fill light supports three-level touch control adjustment, ensuring the perfect brightness for your teaching environment.

Quick Focus Feature: Our teaching webcam supports both auto-focus and one-click quick focus, allowing for smooth and precise teaching demonstrations. No more worries about blurry or out-of-focus videos, simply showcase your teaching content effortlessly and enhance student understanding.

Effortless Operations: Our teaching webcam features buttons for adjusting screen brightness in three levels and one-click mirror adjustment. Easily tailor the brightness of the display to your teaching needs and enable mirror function to facilitate student follow-along.

Extensive Compatibility: Equipped with a 2-meter USB cable and USB 3.0 interface, our teaching webcam supports seamless plug-and-play connections to computers, smartphones, TV boxes, and various other devices. Whether you are recording videos on your computer or live streaming with your phone, achieve high-quality teaching display effortlessly.

Our teaching video display webcam offers outstanding performance, functionality, and user-friendliness. Suitable for both the education field and marketing industry, it will become your reliable assistant in showcasing professional teaching techniques and marketing strategies. Elevate your teaching display by purchasing our product today!

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