• What is WDR, 3D DNR, HLC, BLC?

    Are your security cameras dark and blurry at night?
    We saw part of an image taken by CCTV/IP security cameras extremely dark but another part is very bright so much so that you can't see any detail.How to solve this problem?
    How to Fix It If Your Security Camera Picture Is Too Bright?
    How to Fix It If Your Security Camera Video Picture Is Too Dark?
    Here is how technologies like wide dynamic range (WDR), backlight compensation (BLC), highlight compensation (HLC) come into play in image quality.
  • How Can Security Cameras Protect Your Business?

    In 2020 the security industry faces the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic implications.The status of the general economy points to an impending recession as businesses shut their doors, employees lose their jobs, and consumer demand for certain products and services lessen (while others increase) as disposable incomes diminish. Security issues become extremely serious. How Smart Security Systems Can Help Homeowners and Businesses To Deal With The COVID-19 Crisis.
    According to ABC30 report, Police and businesses prepare for criminals using protests as cover.
    Thieves struck at a couple of malls Sunday night.
    The Target at Sierra Vista Mall closed early Sunday, but employees kept their eyes on the store remotely.
    And they noticed there were 10-15 people who had come through the front door, broken through the glass, and they went back to the electronics department," said Lt. Jim Munro of the Clovis Police Department.
    They grabbed some of those electronics, plus clothing, and maybe alcohol and then left through the back door. Clovis police call it a case of looting.
    They used video from Target and other businesses and from city cameras to get some leads on the suspects even though most wore hoodies, and masks like a lot of people wear during the coronavirus pandemic.
    It seems like the world changed overnight with the Coronavirus disease outbreak. People are worried about the health concerns that come with the COVID-19 virus. Governments are issuing stay-at-home orders and businesses are closing their doors as we try to mitigate the damage that the outbreak can have. While a smart home security system might not be an answer to all of your problems, we are starting to see some of the ways home alarm systems and automation technology can make it easier for people to deal with some of these problems caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    Protecting Businesses When They are Closed
    Security cameras and surveillance can be a strong deterrent to both external threats as well as possible internal threats. Cameras can not only provide you with evidence of criminal activity in the hope of catching criminals, but in truth CCTV can actually deter intruders too.
    One of the best ways to protect your place of business, employees and customers is to integrate video surveillance into your security system, providing a watchful eye to deter crime and keep you informed.
    Wireless Security cameras allow you to record and view footage of your business while you are away, giving you peace of mind at all hours of the day.
    Running your own business is one of the most rewarding ways of earning a living, but it also leaves you with the responsibility of protecting the company and people who help you make it all possible.
    A lot of businesses have to shut down as a result of orders from state and local governments for the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, your business location is still there and can even be subject to any number of crimes. This might lead some small business owners to want to go out every day to check on their businesses, but this could violate different restrictions, and it could increase your risk of Coronavirus infection.If you have a business security camera systems installed, you can rest assured that your business is monitoring 24/7, and you can even keep an eye on things without having to leave the house. Just go to your laptop or open your phone, and you can check the wireless outdoor security cameras to see what is going on at your business location. You can even set up notifications to alert you to different types of alarm activity at your business.
  • What is 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)?

    Removes the image noise for sharp footages in low-light scenarios;3D DNR technology delivers clean and sharp images;
    Most wifi security cameras only offer black and white night vision,but some come with colour night vision. This is possible because they have an LED light built in to the camera.Not every security camera that sees colors at night can be called as color night vision security cameras. FUVISION S10 smart security cameras remain true full color pictures at ultra clarity even in 0.0005 lux darkness without any ambient lighting, or even 0 lux with the built-in supplement light.
  • What is HLS?

    HLS – Optimizes the image clarity if the brightness exceeds the threshold
  • How Highlight Compensation Works?

    HLC – Avoids the overexposure and blinding of videos day & night.
  • What is HLC (Highlight Compensation) ?

    Highlight compensation (HLC) is a technology used in CCTV/IP security cameras to deal with image overexposed with lights like headlights or spotlights. Security cameras' image sensors detect strong lights in video and reduce exposure on these spots to enhance the overall quality.
  • How Backlight Compensation Works?

    BLC – Compensates light to the object in the front for crystal images. BLC technology has been used in CCTV/IP security camera with CCD image sensor to increase exposure for a whole scene, which performs better in a poorly-lit area or monitors areas without enough illumination such as the backyard, alley.
  • What is BLC ( Backlight compensation)?

    Backlight compensation (BLC) works by increasing the level of exposure for the entire image via digital signal processors (DSP), which divides an image or scene into different sections and adjust the lighting accordingly. Simply put, BLC works to brighten the whole scene on a video/image frame instead of balancing lights on overexposed and underexposed areas like WDR does, which in some cases, wash out some already overly-lit areas in an image/video.
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